Whether it’s the wild west or the wilds of Africa, shots will be fired, fangs will be bared, and the weak will be preyed upon.


Whether it’s the wild west or the wilds of Africa, shots will be fired, fangs will be bared, and the weak will be preyed upon.


They call the most anticipated matchups of the year the Magic 7, and their fights for dominance are finally happening: the 4th of August is the day when all will be laid down on the table for 7 hungry teams on the verge of glorious victory. 5 of them will go home with the wounds of utter defeat and the 2 teams remaining will fight for the championship on the upcoming PPAS 2018-SFPC, and only 1 will be truly and unequivocally – SFPC 2018 CHAMPION.

The meteoric rise of 1HIT shows all the signs of the well-traveled team doing well – but this time they’re facing fellow hardened champions who’re not strangers to the rigors of tournament pressure. Will their courage see them through?

Team IGN/Role:

clickz! – Team Captain / Entry Fragger

Lamborveyni – Team Sniper

Relax – Support

Goy – Entry Fragger

Meemo – Support



FiveAces contends with the loss of one of their own. Will their adjustments be enough to take on such odds in the Magic 7?

Team IGN/Role:

KheiSeries – Team Captain / PlayMaker / Support

Oshi – Team Sniper

Spadez – Entry Fragger

Keep – Support

Ward – Support


DFX changed their name to Voyager, are eager to showcase the strength of Cebu against the might of Manila. Will they blaze a new trail coming from down South?

Team IGN/Role:

Jums – Entry fagger/ Captain

Jjayyy – Support

Cygodz – Lurker

kNgg – Entry fagger

-/SlideM4 – Team Sniper


MNL Kingpin celebrates their acquisition of the reigning champions’ team captain, Moose. No doubt they are enjoying a degree of confidence with the recruitment; but will they end up facing Wagas in the brackets? High-tension drama is ripe in the air should this faceoff unfold.

Team IGN/Role:

Moose-Team Captain (Entry fragger)


Myd-Rifle (Entry fragger)

Jeon-Rifle (Support)

Bedik-Rifle (Support)


M1racle-X, whose appearance in the Magic 7 is in itself miraculous in that they have faced so much adversity on their way? This not to discount the veritable amount of talent contained in this underdog team. They know they have a chance, and it seems like they’re willing to do whatever it takes.

Team IGN/Role:

LoopX – Team Sniper

BRE-* – Entry fragger / Lurker

OrLieE- Support

DeviLV – Entry Fragger

RAMZES666_ – Ingame leader / Support



Team LaZ1R was among the last to enter the lists, but certainly not the least in terms of chances to prevail. Will their fresh experience grant them a bit of a boon in the matches?

Team IGN/Role:

Paul V – Team Captain/Commander/Rifle

Raze – Support/Rifle

Geca – Team Sniper

Katiwaldas – EntryFragger/Front/Rifle

1HiTRence – Support/Lurker/Rifle


And finally, Wagas, the REIGNING, DEFENDING, UNDISPUTED champions of Special Force. These titans know hard it takes to climb up Olympus and take down gods, but are now also gods themselves. Having lost the leadership of Moose, they may still be proven to bleed… that is, unless, if they are experienced enough to adapt their tactics coming into the finals. Signs show that their team and management are all ready for any storm, even a bracket as tough as this.

Team IGN/Role:

JOMS-* – InGame Commander / Entry Frag, Support


AceTooz – Support

Jeo – Entry Fragger

WGS_BJMS – Sniper

August 4th will be the day of trial. DO NOT MISS THIS.

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