Approach like a ghost, Vanish like lightning.

Coming in from the shores of the Korean Peninsula, a new group of well-trained operatives will be jumping into action in the upcoming The Black Beret — coming in right after the maintenance!

Keep on the lookout as the well known operatives from South Korea, the world renowned KSF character, will be available for you troopers! These rigorously trained soldiers are experts in Special reconnaissance, info operations, guerrilla warfare, and counter terrorism among all other skills. They sure are a force to be reckoned with!

Make sure to strike fear among all other players in the game with the upcoming Black Sheep Set! These will come in handy as you explore and make bullets hail on top of your enemies’ heads in THREE additional in-game maps: Halloween Satellite, Canyon, and Neo Missile.

Last but not the least, feast your eyes on the beautiful bloody bloom of the upcoming Carnation and the ravenous Eternal Dragon weapons.

Here is the complete list of patch notes:

A. Weapons:

  • CASH SP:

– Carnation M4A1 M0D0

– Carnation Double Winchester

  • Capsule Shop:

– Carnation K2

– Carnation PSG-1A1

  • Supply Crates:

– Carnation AK74 Silenced

– Carnation M200

  • Promo Weapons:

– Eternal Dragon M4A1 CER

– Eternal Dragon Ak74 CER

– Eternal Dragon PSG-1 CER

– Nail Gun

– Sakura PSG-1


B. Maps:

– Halloween Satellite

– Canyon

– Neo Missile

C. Equipment

  • Black Sheep Set

– Black Sheep Head

– Black Sheep Armor

– Black Sheep Gloves

– Black Sheep Legs

– Black Sheep Shoe Cover

D. New Game Features

– Carnation Emblem (Get 2 Carnation Weapons)

– Carnation Title (Get 3 Carnation Weapons)


Seeyou in-game!