From the depths of the jungle, an agile and wild spirit weaves through the trees and swings into action, in Special Force’s new patch, The Wild: Part III, bellowing out today September 6, 2018.

All eyes is on the Monkey as a slew of simian-styled weapons and gear jump out from the canopy and into the fires of combat. Reach out and get up close and personal with the Monkey Wrench, guaranteed to dent a few foes’ heads. Fancy yourself a more honorable warrior? How about the Monkey King Katana, and slash your way through the underbrush.

Garb yourself in the full Monkey Set and go ham on your enemies, putting the fear of unnecessary roughness in them. Go wild with all these new tools in THREE fresh maps: EMP, FORTRESS, and KILL HOUSE.

Rounding out your options are Wolf and Phoenix guns and new capsules and crates just waiting to be broken open. See you out there, soldier, and bring your best uga-chaka chants with you.

Here is a complete list of patch notes:

I. New Maps

a. EMP



II. New Capsule Weapons

a. Monkey Stick KAR8K (SP)

b. Monkey King PSG-1 (Cash)


III. New Cash Weapons

a. Monkey PSG-1

b. Monkey M67

c. Monkey Wrench

d. Monkey King Katana


IV. New Promo Weapons

a. Monkey Beretta MOD0

b. White Ornate SV-98

c. Western M4A1 MOD0

d. Western PSG-1A1

e. Western AK74 Silence

f. Gust

g. Barangay M200

h. Phoenix M4A1

i. Wolf M4A1

j. Wolf PSG-1

V. New Supply Crates

a. SC-Monkey M4A1 MOD0

b. SC-Monkey AK74


VI. New Package Items

a. Monkey Set Package (7)

b. Monkey Set Package (30)


VII. New Set

Monkey Head

Monkey Face

Monkey Jacket

Monkey Pants

Monkey Gloves

Monkey Shoes

VIII. New Game Features

a. Red Monkey Emblem (Get 2 Monkey Weapons)

b. Red Monkey Title (Get 3 Monkey Weapons)