The SFPC 2018 Magic 7 Is Now COMPLETE: The Aftermath of the 2018 TNC Cup Finals

The circle is now complete! After a grueling conflict, 1hit from Cubao and MNL KNGPN from Lerma emerge victorious as the final 2 teams to complete SFPC 2018’s Magic 7!

And what a road it has been, as after securing their slots, it wasn’t over for the two top contenders as they had to show the nation and each other, just who was better at the time, during the 2018 TNC Cup Finals.

At the rounds scored 8-5 and 8-4 consecutively, MNL KNGPN decisively took the championship at TNC, asserting their shooting and tactical dominance. 1hit will have to settle for the slot at SFPC to take revenge at their erstwhile rivals.

1hit and MNL KNGPN from TNC will be joined by FiveAces from the Northern Assault, Team DFX from the Southern Assault, Miracle – X from Pacific, Laz1r from Resbak 2017, and Team Wagas, defending champions from SFPC 2017.







It’s shaping up to be a real clash of the titans, so make sure you are there for SFPC 2018!