The vaunted item shop and weapon stat revamp is finally here and brings with it a new era in the SF meta! Special Force: Devil’s Captain introduces shop-wide retooling along with the new themed set, the Red Devils.

Check out what’s new, including entire sets of items removed and replaced with fresh new batches in the item shop, and the weapon skins now conferring practical stats in- (like reduced recoil) and out- (like bonus EXP) of battle.

In addition, we’re returning a bunch of beloved classics back into the procurable list of weapons, such as the Batik and Ghostwalker series, should you wish to collect these. They’ll have a limited sale period in the shop, but they’re yours forever once bought!

Get the Devil on your side this September and be the Captain of your own soul. Use the new items and updates to your advantage and study up on the full patch notes here:


Added Weapon/Items


Batik M4A1


Batik AK74

Batik PSG-1


Beast M4A1

Beast AK74

Beast PSG-1


Ghostwalker M4A1

Ghostwalker AK74

Ghostwalker PSG-1


Red Devil M67


Red Devil Beretta CER


Devil PSG-1



Red Devil PSG-1 CER [Clip Size + 3, DMG – 5]

Red Devil ARX-160


Supply Crate

Red Devil AK74 CER [Recoil – 5, Accuracy – 5]

Red Devil M4A1 CER


New gear

Lucifer Mask


Game Feature

Devil Title [EXP Point + 2%]  (Collect 5 Devil, Lucifer, Red Devil weapon to unlock)



New Mode

CTC Renewal

This mode adds a new system and rule to the existing CTC mode rule, CTC Mode and Victory Goals are the same and offer additional fun elements to reach victory.