Mission Log #319

Köln, Germany

02:48 HRS

The mission was compromised. We were part of a convoy that was supposed to deliver an anti-mutagen to the city of Dortmund but we were cut off here in Köln by the townspeople. They want the anti-mutagen, too. It’s hard to believe that the virus got as far as here in just a short time. Anyway, we couldn’t give them what they want so they started rioting. Now, most of our convoy is either killed by the crazed citizens or just ran off on their own.

It’s just Hans, me, and the FNG now. And this big M1 Abrams tank. The death walkers are coming for us. We all know it. We can hear their howls and screams. We’ll just need to cross this bridge and we’re back in the quarantine zone. We just hope that this tank can keep us safe.

Jürgen Müller

2nd Brigade, GSG-9




Prepare yourselves because another game mode has made its way to PlayPark Special Force Online. Get your trigger fingers ready, man the guns, and lock and load because the Death Walkers are coming. Good thing you have your reliable M1 Abrams tank to keep you safe… or can it? Its the Special Force Online Tank Mode!

Game Mode Objective

Humans: Protect your tank from the horde of death walkers until time runs out.

Death Walkers: Destroy the tank in the allotted time.


Number of players: 6 [3 humans vs 3 death walkers]

Weapons: Tank cannon, mounted grenade launcher, and mounted M134 for Humans; Melee attacks for death walkers.

Allotted time: 2 minutes

Winning conditions: Tank Survival or Destruction

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