Special Force RESBAK 5v5 Kick-off Tournament Crowns First Champion

2016 ends with a bang for Special Force Online as the very first tournament champion was crowned at Playpark XP last December 17th at Skydome SM City North EDSA. Congratulations to the troopers from Manila as they will go down in SF history as the very first tournament champion. Thousands of troopers and fans were in attendance as finalist teams Abnoy and iPhone met on the battlefield of Special Force. Both were ready for an all-out brawl, but when push came to shove, Team Abnoy delivered and came out on top.

All roads led to the grand finals at PLAYPARK XP of the Special Force RESBAK 5v5 Kick-Off Tournament that hit four locations nationwide with more than 120 teams coming to compete. Taking down the competition, two teams emerged from anonymity to contend for the ultimate honor – coming from Manila, Team Abnoy, and representing Marikina, Team iPhone. At Playpark XP, SF Troopers filled Skydome excited for their champs to get on the stage and set the fire to the arena. Some even lined up as early as 10:00 PM the night before to get a taste of the action.

Setting the tense tone for the series was Game 1 of the Championship Round on the Satellite map. It was close match from the beginning as both teams rallied to 5 wins on both sides. However, Team Abnoy showed that their team cannot be defeated easily as they swept through the map and taking down anyone in their patch to secure Match point.

In the next matches, Team Abnoy displayed their dominance as they stacked up a lead against Team iPhone with a score of 4 – 1. Meanwhile, Team iPhone struggled to get their only win in this round. Lucky Nade from Team Abnoy stole the show with his kills to further the lead against Team iPhone. On the other hand, Team iPhone seems to have lost its grip on the situation that pushed them to lose with a 7-2 score, and leaving Team Abnoy to prove themselves worthy to claim the title of RESBAK Champion.

Congratulations to Team ABNOY! They’ve made their mark on Special Force history as the first RESBAK 5v5 Champion. With a kick-off like this, great things are definitely coming for the King of FPS. The next tourney could be yours for the taking.


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