Media partners were treated to a night of fun surprises and exciting prizes when Special Force Online had its first Press Conference last November 8, 2016. Held where the action happens, the Playpark Inc. office in Makati City welcomed eager SF fans and friends from the media to hear what more about the much awaited return.


First on the list of bombs dropped that night was the official launch date of Special Force Online. This 24th November 2016, SF will be opening its doors to all players in Southeast Asia for the Closed Beta Test (CBT). Following that, Playpark also proudly announced its plans for the game’s eSports. As a regional publisher, Playpark invited gamers from all over Southeast Asia to take part in the upcoming tournaments in the local scenes of Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam and prepare for the world stage as Playpark will go global for Special Force Online. Tickets to the Special Force World Championship (SFWC) will be waiting for the best shooters around.


The highlight of the night was a challenge to all attendees in the battlefield of a Special Force Online skirmish. Attendees got to try their hand at the SF game coming out on CBT this November 24th and played against each other. After the knockout rounds, the top 3 shooters that remained were popular caster, AsuraiPH, and the boys behind Youtube personality, KLAGER. An FPS enthusiast, Asurai did not disappoint and went to win it all in the final round. The early access truly brought back the excitement and affection everyone once had for Special Force.


Coming out on CBT this 24th November courtesy of Playpark and Dragonfly, Special Force Online is the must play game of 2016. Stay tuned for breaking news on the website and Facebook fanpage.