Here are some guides for Clan System that will surely make your SF gaming experience more fun.

  • Clan Creation


Condition   Description
Rank Requirements for Creating a Clan Over LV.20 The player rank don’t match the limitation, clan creation button would be deactivation. You can change the rank.
The cost for creating a clan SP: 20,000  
Maximum Members for clan 80  
Clan Master 1  
Staff 5  
Clan name Minimum of 2 Letters and Maximum of 16 letters Banned Words and some Special Characters are not allowed



Apply for a clan

  • Only Players without a clan can join.
  • This function is available in the Clan Menu (Check Image 1)


Image 1



  • Go to Clan Menu > Recruit Notice > Double click the clan you want to join.
    • There are 2 types of clan settings


  1. Open Invitation
  • You can join a clan instantly without clan master, or staffs approval. (Check Image 2)




  1. Close Invitation
  • You cannot join a clan without the approval of Clan Master, or Staffs. (Check Image 3)




  • You may also check your approval request in different clans under Request Status(Check Image 4)




  • You may cancel your request approval if you want by clicking the Cancel registration at the bottom then Click Ok. (Check Image 5)





  • Clan Invite

Right-click to the player you want to invite in the clan.




– Only Clan Master or Staff can invite players.


  • Clan Disband/Leave

– If you want to Leave/Disband your clan, Click Disband button (Check Image 6)



  • Clan Member Record

– If you want to check your clan members record, go to Clan Menu > Clan Info > Member Record > Double-click the member you want to check. (Check Image 7)




  1. Clan Information

– This is the basic clan information of your clan.

– Clan Name, Master, Members, Date Registered, Clan Record, Clan Point, Limit Rank, and Clan Settings if Open or Close Registration.




  1. Clan Record

– In this tab, you may view your overall clan record.

– You can also check the Top Rifle Killer, Top Sniper, Grenade, or Assist in your clan.




  1. Battle Record

– This is the summary of your clan battles. All Recent matches are posted here.




  1. Member Record

– In this tab, You may monitor your members performance base on ranking, clan point, kill/death, and assist.




  • Member List

– In this section, you may track the location of your members and if they are online.

– You may also check their Kill Death Average , and their Position in the clan.




  • Recruit Notice

– In this section, you may able to post a Recruit Notice of your clan or view other clan recruitment. (Check Image 8)




  • If you want to recruit players you need to post a Recruit Notice (Check Image 9)




  • Clan Ranking

– In this tab, you may view the Top Clans with the highest Clan Points.



  • Clan Settings Management

– In this section, only Clan Master,Staff can access to this tab.

– You are able to change your Rank condition to No Limit, Above Sergeant, Leiutenant, Major, and General.

– You can also change your Clan Settings to Open Invitation or Close Invitation



  • Clan Member Management

– In this tab, you can promote, demote,kick a clan member or pass the clan master.

  • You may only pass the clan master position to those who are in Staff position.

– Check the box of the selected player you want to promote, demote, or kick.