Flowers can get bloody accurate when hitting your enemies. Get your hands filled with these new Guns Over Flowers Patch weapons by just joining Combat March in-game events.

Cherry Blossom Festival

– Every Monday and Tuesday
– Sakura Camp
– Top 3 winners
– Reward: Cherry Blossom L85A2 (7D)



Assassins Arena
– Every Wedesday
– Sniper Mode
– Top 3 Highest Kills
– Reward: CB PSG-1A1 (7D)

Easter Slice

– Every Thursday and Friday
– Bunny costume items
– Team Battle
– Winning Team will receive: CB AK74 Silence (7D)



Fluffle Fight

– Every Saturday and Sunday
– Full Bunny set
– Team Battle
– Winning Team will receive: Cherry Blossom B AK74 Silence (30D)




Enjoy different events each and every day here at Special Force Online. Don’t Miss out your chance to have deadly weapons for FREE!

Players can only participate once in SF daily events
Time: 6pm to 12am
Insertion will take place in 7-14 days.
***Click this to see the list of GMs/CM/MODs:
***The GoDs will create the rooms and will post on the SF Forums – Community Events and Mess Hall

Happy Gaming!