“Never under estimate the heart of the underdogs!” this quote was proven right by Team Wagas after winning the previous SFPC 2017!

Team Wagas was consider as the underdog of the competition, they started really rocky and unstable, they have lost several times on the qualifier round but remained determined and passionate until they successfully ended 2nd placer at the semi-final round of SFPC.

Fans was expecting that the opponent team of Wagas, Team 1Hit will dominate and will win the final match but Team Wagas made the crowd shocked as they prevail the match and eventually win the championship with the score of 2-0 set.

Name: Marc Julius A. Bunag
Age: 25
Birthday: July 14, 1992
Weapon: Assault (M4A1)

Name: Joms Uro
Age : 19
Birthday: Nov 8 1997
Weapon: Assault (M4A1)
IGN: Joms-*

Name: Joey Alvaro
Age: 19
Birthday: Nov 1,1997
Weapon: Assault (M4A1)
IGN: Jeo

Name: RR Mark Santos
Age: 21
Birthday: February 18, 1996
Weapon: Assault (M4A1)
IGN: WGS_pastoRR

Name: Bryan Serrano
Age : 19
Birthday: January 20 1998
Weapon: PSG-1

Team Wagas together with the Team SST.Intel will represent the SEA Region for the upcoming Special Force World Championship this December 2017!
Let us all support our Teams and let their heart roar the World Arena.