March 2, 2018: 18 teams revealed themselves to each other at TNC Laguna for a Southern Luzon leg of the 2018 TNC Cup, with a cast surprisingly made up of mostly non-local teams, who had made the journey to the lake town in a bid for a quickly dwindling qualifier spot.

After the brutal nine-pair first round and a heated middle-stage, teams 2Joinkz and Zodiacsign emerged as the top two contenders.

Led by Loveeely, 2Joinkz’s only female team member, they themselves had to prove that their trip from Manila wasn’t for naught

Zodiacsign had much to hold on to, for they were one of the very few teams hailing from Laguna herself, and their pride, dedication, and bloody persistence got them to the final round tooth and nail with 2Joinkz.

Unfortunately for Zodiacsign, 2Joinkz would prove the better after a close set, sending the local favorites with a loss and coming home with the win themselves. 2Joinkz advances to the next leg of the TNC Cup 2018.




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