Registration for SFPC Baguio Leg Qualifiers at the Pacific Internet Cafe this coming March 18, 2017 is on-site

We will be accepting teams that will register starting 9AM to 11AM of March 18, 2017 at the Pacific Internet Cafe. There will be a designated Registration Area.

SFPC Baguio Leg Qualifiers will have a slot for the N/C.Luzon semi-finals and will get a chance to represent N/C.Luzon in the SFPC finals.

Registration: 100 pesos worth of Level Up Card per member / 500 pesos worth of Level Up Card per Team (must be purchase and top up in the venue.)

Reg form:

General Note for all SFPC Qualifiers:

  1. 500 PHP Registration Fee per team – a 500 Topup up load will be provided in exchange of the 500 PHP Registration
  2. All members should bring a Valid ID
  3. No Sando + Shorts + Slippers during events
  4. Registration will be based on First come, first list basis.
  5. We will accept all teams who will be able to register until 11AM
  6. All teams who will register should always be complete when signing up on-site for confirmation.
  7. No more changes of line-up during the confirmation of teams and members.