Special Force Online will give you the ALL-IN-ONE event updates and claim rewards in just one click- The SF EVENT CENTER PAGE (BETA), your new daily habit is now here!

This page will provide you a very easy way to claim your reward and take daily challenges in-game. Enjoy playing SF with a whole new level of experience, try it now!

Visit: sf-eventscenter.playpark.com


You can now view the following:


1. Newbie Package 


Create a new SF1 account anytime this October 2017 and get these awesome weapons & items!

CAMO STG44 (Permanent)
Jaguar M4A1 (7 days)
Jaguar PSG-1 (7 days)
Jaguar AK74 (7 days)
Double Up (7 days)
Alice (7 days)
3pcs SuperBoom


2. Kill Count 


Login and get a specific number of kills (25/50/75) and get FREE rewards!

25 kills – 1pc Weapon Kit
50 kills – 1pc Weapon Kit II
75 kills – 1pc Weapon Kit and 1pc Weapon Kit II


3. Reporting for Duty 


Login and Play at least 1 game to get the daily reward. Complete all 28 days from October 1 to October 28, and get FREE PERMANENT Camo L85A2!

1-Oct EXPx3 (1 day)
2-Oct White Camo SV-98 (1 day)
3-Oct White Camo AK74 Silence (1 day)
4-Oct White Camo M4A1 MOD0 (1 day)
5-Oct Grilled Chicken Leg (1 day)
6-Oct 1pc Super Boom
7-Oct EXPx5 (1 day)
8-Oct EXPx3 (1 day)
9-Oct Immortal White PSG-1 (1 day)
10-Oct Immortal White AK74 (1 day)
11-Oct Immortal White M4A1 (1 day)
12-Oct Akuma Tantou (1 day)
13-Oct 1pc Super Boom
14-Oct EXPx5 (1 day)
15-Oct EXPx3 (1 day)
16-Oct Blue Legend PSG-1 (1 day)
17-Oct Blue Legend AK74 (1 day)
18-Oct Blue Legend M4A1 (1 day)
19-Oct Holy Knife (1 day)
20-Oct 1pc Super Boom
21-Oct EXPx5 (1 day)
22-Oct EXPx3 (1 day)
23-Oct Sheep PSG-1 (1 day)
24-Oct Sheep AK74 (1 day)
25-Oct Sheep M4A1 (1 day)
26-Oct Sheep Hammer (7days)
27-Oct 1pc Super Boom
28-Oct EXPx5 (1 day)

You need to have a Playpark ID first, if you do not have, register here: www.playpark.com

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