The titanic clash between two great teams culminated in the biggest stage last 25th of August, at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati during the PlayPark All-stars, easily recognizable as the Fight of the Year for the nationwide SF scene.


Sakalbib3h met with misfortune due to a GAB conflict concerning their captain but was allowed to pull a substitute team member, as per judgment rules, to prevent a one-sided 4v5 match.


The two teams then commenced to deliver brutal beatings upon the opposing team, showcasing the skill particularly of their sniper roles, as they tied each other in multiple instances, ultimately leading up to a decision map. Dirty Dirty would then take on the opportunity to close the deal and clinch the title after a hard-fought set.


Congratulations to team Dirty Dirty, your SF All-Stars 2019 Grand Champion! And of course, see you all next season, troopers!