Event Title: Sentosa Summertime
Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 7:00PM – 8:00PM
Server: PH2 OC2
Mode: Summer Mode
Map: Sentosa
Winning Condition: Winning team
No. of Win: 5 Wins
The reward for winners: 5pcs. – SC-Bee AK74
Consolation Prize: 1pcs. – SC-Bee AK74
Requirement: Participants must have at least 1 BEE Items/weapons

-Game Master will create room on specified Server and Channel
-Rooms will be password protected and the password will be announced at the lobby of that Channel
-First come, first server basis will be implement on the slot and sides of the match
-Winning players will get BETTER rewards
-Losing players will also get rewards
-Players who already participated in an event can no longer join again

Other Rules
-Game Master can kick players if he/she does not press ready when the GM already asked.
-Game Master will count down before kicking
-A Player can only join an event once per day

Rewards Insertion
Rewards will be inserted to winners and losers within 15 days after the event