Meet the Special Force Singapore Champions, SST. Intel! Team SST.Intel beat their Team eSport of Vietnam in 3-2 set in the SEA Championship.
Both Team SST.Intel and Team eSports showed their strength and passion in every round of the match but the heart of the Singaporeans fighting spirits dominates and won the championship.



Name: Qi Wei
IGN: Yuenation
Age: 23
Birthday: December 06, 1994
Weapon: Assault (M4A1)

Name: Ming En
IGN: Nak
Age: 26
Birthday: 04 April 1991
Weapon: Sniper (PSG1)

Name: Colin
IGN: Cheri
Age: 24
Birthday: September 15 1993
Weapon: Assault (M4A1)

Name: Jack
Age : 23
Birthday: September 04 1994
Weapon: Assault (M4A1)

Name: Brandon
IGN: Fear
Age : 22
Birthday: September 06 1995
Weapon: Assault (M4A1)

Team SST.Intel together with Team Wagas – Pikakz will represent South East Asia in the upcoming Special Force World Championship 2017 this December!
Let us all support the SEA representatives troopers – Stand up and let your voice of support be heard!