Special Force
Rise of the Robots Manual

Mechanics: Beat your opponent team with the help of Gigantic Robots!
Earn specific number of Battle Points and convert it to in-game shop
supplies to win the battle.

Game Mode Items
Apart from the Default MK0 Robot, players can also purchase 3 additional
upgraded types in the Item Shop.


The improved version of the HYPER MK0.
Its advanced heat control system makes it
possible for prolonged battle. Its Red color
provide a terrifying visage to enemies.


It has a shotgun equipped on its left, for greater
damage and effectiveness in close quarters.
This robot has a higher HP than the others

It has a shotgun equipped on its left, for greater
damage and effectiveness in close quarters.
This robot has a higher HP than the others
Game Mode
Minimum players per team: 2
Maximum players per team: 8
Round : 1
Each round is consist of 12 minutes.

Players will re-spawn in random spawn points and when the battle starts,
these information will appear in the User Interface.

A. READY – Highest possible item that the player’s BP could purchase.
B. Battle Point (BP) – Battle Point can be used to exchange supplies in the built in Item shop in this mode.
You can gain BP in two different ways.
-Automatically gain 5 Battle Points every 5 seconds.
-From killing enemy player.

Item Shop
Players can interact with the item shop by pressing “E” and W,A,S,D to select.
Item shops are located in different parts of the map.

If enough Battle Points, players can purchase supplies by pressing “space bar”.

Health Recovery

After purchasing this item, the damaged HP of the player will restore completely.
BP Cost: 10

Magazine Supply Box

Purchasing this item will Replenish the maximum Ammo.
BP Cost: 10

This bomb disrupts the surrounding by electric field. Its explosion will disable
the robot combat capability for a limitedtime.

BP Cost: 30

M16A2 GL

M16A2 gun equipped with a M203.
The ideal gun against multiple enemy

BP Cost: 40


Less damage than the Rocket-4, but may
be used multiple times and has a zoom in capability.

BP Cost: 100


Man-portable, shoulder-fired
rocket launcher with aim point
for enhanced target accuracy.

BP Cost: 150


A prototype battle robot with machine
guns and rockets. Discipline should be
observed in using its weapon system
because overheating will disable firing.
You may deploy this robot by a
portable terminal unity (MK169PDA)
BP Cost: 500

If the player have 3 additional types acquired from the Item shop, they are
capable of purchasing the upgraded robots.

Activating the Robot
After purchasing any MK169 PDA model,
Hold the “Left click mouse button” to start activating the robot.

Robot Controls
Press “Left click mouse button” to fire the normal attack, and “Right click
mouse button” for the grenade launcher..

If the robot reached OVER HEAT, firing will be disabled.

Robot Health Points


Infrared Vision
While activated, the player can’t fire for a limited time, but able to detect
where’s the enemy player.

To activate the Infrared Vision while in Human Form, press “V”.

The image below shows the cool down time of Infrared Vision after use.

Gain team Points by killing enemy player
Points per Human killed : 1
Points per Robot killed : 7