1. All RESBAK Season 2 Qualifying Teams are allowed to replace ONE member only.

2. A player to be replaced and the Team captain should send an email to CM Selene (cmselene023@gmail.com) and indicate the reason why the player is leaving and all the members must put “I agree” on the letter with a signature.

The reason should be agreed upon by all the team members and the request will be confirmed by the tournament committee after the investigation.

The change of line-up must be confirmed by everyone in the team, and the committee, before March 31, 2019.

Failure to comply with the above requirements will lead to a handicap match for the team, or disqualification depending on the case, and the player that will leave will be automatically banned for the rest of the tournament

3. A player that was removed from a team cannot be a replacement of another team competing in the RESBAK Season 2 Semi-Finals.