Resbak Championship Round-Robin Results: 



Following closely on the heels of the SF All-stars, the Resbak Final 4 has also commenced and the competition to take on every other team has gone underway.


Team FiveAces posted consistent results each round, going 2-1 versus Dirty Dirty and 2-0 NCGC.Ranger and TOPC.FiveKings, earning the top spot amongst the 4 teams as the only match-undefeated group, and now the undisputed Resbak Champions.


With their spectacular performance, Team FiveAces secures their title and earned the congratulations of the live audience who braved bad weather along with their team, and the rest of the SF and PlayPark community who watched the event.


Congratulations to FiveAces, and may your Aces always stay in spades.