Welcome to the game, trooper!

Get your character all fired up with the latest Newbie Package
and Returnee Package!
It’s time to immerse yourself in the combat!

All newly created accounts starting October 10, 2019
will receive the following:

SAF M4A1 (7 Days)

SAF AK74 (7 Days)

SAF PSG-1 (7 Days)

CAMO M14 EBR (7 Days)

CAMO L85A2 (7 Days)

Camo Galil MOD0 (7 Days)

Brick G36C MOD0 (7 Days)

Brick HK416 (7 Days)

Brick SV-98 (7 Days)

White Tiger Set (7 days)

Genocide Set (7 days)

EXPx5 (7 days)

Double Up (7 days)

Phuong (7 days)

VIP Room (7 days)

3pcs Super Boom


All created accounts from 2019 up to October 9, 2019
will receive the following:

CHOCOLATE M4A1 CER (Permanent)



EXP x5 (30 Days)

3pcs Super Boom

2pcs Weapon Kit (5)

2pcs Weapon Kit II (5)

Lynn (7 Days)

Click here to download the Full Client

See you in the game, recruits!