Official Statement – SFPC Champions Blocked Accounts


The Playpark All-Stars 2017 and Playpark Inc. prides itself in being an avenue for gamers from all walks of life to rise to greatness. Recently, several players from Special Force Philippine Championship qualified teams have had their personal accounts blocked due to game policy violations.

However, this does not forfeit the team’s and players’ slot in the tournament. Penalized players may create new game accounts and inform the Tournament Committee.

Should these newly created accounts be found guilty of game violations, a heavier punishment will be implemented – which is the forfeit of the SFPC qualification. Violators will also be banned from participating in any other qualifier, semi finals and finals of the SFPC tournament.

For any appeal of the penalized accounts, players need only to file a report on iBox. Sanctions will be placed to accounts based on the player policies.

When champions fall, they will surely rise again. In light of these recent events, may this serve as a reminder to all players to exercise extreme caution to ensure the dignity and integrity of their accounts and status as members of the community.