Net Central/Game Central (NCGL) Season 3 together with Playpark happened from September 16 to October 29 this year! There were four qualifiers and a wild card: Tagum, Digos, Gensan, and Davao Sta. Ana. 150,000 worth of prizes were given away. ☺

NCGL Season 3 finals location was in Net Central Matina.

The rewards for qualifiers were: Immortal White Series, 5 pcs Big Boom, and SF Merchandise.
Here are the cash prizes for the Finals:

Php 15,00 + 5pcs Jacket

2nd Runner Up:
Php 10,000

3rd Runner Up:
Php 2,500

4th Runner Up:
Php 2,500

Congratulations to Team Ranger for winning the NCGL Season 3 – Special Force Online ☺