Let’s take a moment to remember our men and women in uniform and celebrate the achievements of our hard-working workers.



Step 1:

Login and Play at least 1 Game in any mode except Training and 1v1 Mode.

Step 2: 

Go to Event Center to claim your reward.


Rewards each day:

April 27 – EXP x3 (7 Days)
April 28 – Double Up (7 Days)
April 29 – Alcad M4A1 (30 Days)
April 30 – Speed-Up Package (7 Days)
May 1 – Hatchet Gold (7 Day)


If you completed the 5-day login event you will receive 50,000 SP.


Note: Insertion for the 50,000 SP will take within 15 days after the event period.


Enjoy troopers!