Clan War Patch is coming your way and we have GOOD NEWS for you that you will surely love.

Calling all Active Players from Nov 24 – Jan 31 only. Here are the sets for you to prepare for the upcoming Clan War Patch and this is for FREE.

Gear up cause your Clan needs you. Battle up with Clans and be the Ultimate Clan in SF Battle Ground.

All active players from Nov 24 – Jan 31 (account was registered between the said dates and active until Jan 31), but not active from Feb 1 – present, will receive:

– WHITE CAMO M4A1 (30 days)
– WHITE CAMO AK74 (30 days)
– WHITE CAMO PSG-1 (30 days)
– LARGE SCISSORS (30 days)
– 3pcs Weapon Kit II (5)
– 3pcs Weapon Kit (5)

Insertion process is ON GOING, so don’t get confused if some of you did not receive or completed the said rewards. We will announce once the insertion process will complete.

Login now and check your inventory. Don’t miss this opportunity.

But wait, there’s more!

Good news to all active players since Nov 24 until June 30. We also prepare bonus rewards for you as we thank you for being active from the start of our journey.

All active players from Nov 24 – June 30 (account was registered between the said dates and active until June 30) will receive the following:

– CAMO SCAR-H (Permanent)
– TOY M4A1 (30 days)
– TOY AK74 (30 days)
– TOY PSG-1 (30 days)
– Yuria (7 days)
– HOLY KNIFE (7 days)
– 5pcs Weapon Kit II (5)
– 5pcs Weapon Kit (5)
– EXPx3 (7 days)

Insertion process will start after the insertion for the package 1 will complete. Don’t get confuse if some of you did not receive some of the rewards during the insertion process. We will announce when will be the insertion process for this package will start.

*Note: All players qualified for the Package 1 is not eligible to have the Package 2 and vice versa.

What are you waiting for? Fire it up!



Important Notice: The insertion of FREE Permanent Weapons are still ongoing.