EVENT TITLE: Morpheus Mayhem
SCHEDULE: Every Monday and Wednesday
TIME: 7:00PM – 8:00PM [GMT+8]
SERVER: Will be posted every event announcement
MODE: CTC Renewal
MAP: Whichever GM prefers
WINNERS: Top 5 per game


– Player may use any weapon of his choice
– Players who already participated on the earlier games can no longer join
– Event is open to all ranks


– Game Master will create a room on the given Server and Channel
– Rooms will be password protected and the password will be announced at the lobby of the Channel
– “First come, First Serve” basis will be implemented on the slot and sides of the match
– The goal is to protect the Captain at all cost and do not kill by the enemy

– Game Master may kick players if he or she does not press ready when the GM already asked
– Game Master shall kick players who already participated on the earlier games
– Game Master will count down or warn the player before kicking
– A player can only join an event once per day

– Rewards will be inserted to winners and losers within 15 days after the event
– Participants using weapons and items from the latest October patch will receive double rewards