Schedule: Monday and Thursday
Time: 11:00AM – 12:00AM and 7:00PM – 8:00PM [GMT+8]
Server: Sea1 OC12
Mode: Shotgun
Map: EMP or Plasma
Winning Condition: Top 5
No. of Win: 30 wins
The reward for winners: 5pcs. Weapon Kit I (5) and 5pcs. Weapon Kit II (5) and Apollos Ak74(7 Days)
Consolation : 1pc. Weapon Kit I (5) and 1pcs. Weapon Kit II (5)

Game Master will create room on specified Server and Channel
Rooms will be password protected and the password will be announced at the lobby of that Channel
First come, first server basis will be implemented on the slot and sides of the match
Winning players will get BETTER rewards
Losing players will also get rewards
Players who already participated in an event cannot be joined to the next.
Players must have ShotGun

Other Rules
Game Master can kick players if he/she does not press ready when the GM already asked.
Game Master will count down before kicking
A Player can only join an event once per day

Rewards Insertion
Rewards will be inserted to winners and losers within 15 days after the event