Since we have release aGate (Beta). We have some players experiencing issues on connecting to the game. Our team have been tirelessly finding solutions with the Game Devs to fix the issues and bring you the best SF Game.


As of April 27, 2017 your game launcher should look like this (see below)


The new launcher should have the following new buttons


  1. Select Language
  2. Repair Button
  3. Auto Start Checkbox


If you launcher does not have that. Here’s simple steps

1 . Go to Special Force Folder

2. Locate “SFPatcher.exe”

3. Delete “SFPatcher.exe”

4. Run Special Force again and let it patch the new launcher.


To get the latest patch for April 25, 2017 update : Download here scroll at the bottom.

If you have issues with aGate you can visit this link or our forums


-SF Team