This August get ready to be showered by awesome freebies. DoorPrizes, Bundles, and side tournament. Get these exclusive top-up bundles, free items and join the intense side tournament of Special Force Online.





  1. Door Prize:

All attendees will get the following:

– Toy M4A1 (30 days)
– Toy PSG-1 (30 days)
– Toy AK74 (30 days)
– 3pcs Weapon Kit (5)
– 3pcs Weapon Kit II (5)
– 3pcs Big Boom

  1. Top up Bundles

Get FREE weapons when you purchase Playpark Load and Top-up at the venue only. It means that you can still use the converted Load to purchase other in-game items you want.

  1. Wargod M4A1 MOD0 + Wargod Beretta MOD0 = 1,000 Load


  1. White CAMO M4A1 MOD0 + EXP x5 (7 days) = 750 Load



  1. White CAMO AK74 Silence + EXP x5 (7 days) = 750 Load


  1. White CAMO PSG-1 + EXP x5 (7 days) = 750 Load


Registration Fee: FREE

Registration time: 10am

Game Settings:
Mode: 1v1
Map: Island
Rounds: 10 rounds to win

* SF All out war Shirt

* Dog Tag
* Rose M4A1 (Permanent) 


* Baller
* Rose M4A1 (30 days)


General Regulations
– Game Format: 1 v 1 (Island)
– 10 Wins

– In the event that any unexpected incidents or delays, not mentioned in the rules herein may occur, the officials have sole discretion to determine the outcome. All decisions made by the Officials are final. The rules and regulations are subject to change by the organizer at any time without prior notice.

Official Notice from the Chief Marshal [Please read]
– In the event that any unexpected incidents or situation may take a place, the Official has the right to extend player’s setting minutes under his solely authority.
– The Chief Marshal has the right to give out a “warning” if a match gets delayed due to the corresponding team players’ fault.
– The Officials are entitled to warn when abusing bug-plays listed as below.
* High Jump through explosion
* Grenade Bugs (i.e. Objective Penetration)
– No Dead cam once the player died. Players need to click First Person View only.
– Time-out is not allowed. However, a team manager or coach is allowed to talk to their players for 1 ~ 2 minutes when the next map is being changed.
– All participants are required to play fairly, conforming to the rules of good sportsmanship.
– All decisions made by the Officials are final.
– The player forfeits a referring match if their total warning reaches 2 times.
– If a player gets 3 Warnings from the officials, they will be disqualified.

Game Rules

Game Settings
– You may only use PISTOL for secondary weapons. Shotguns like desperado, double Winchester, SPAS-12, etc. is not allowed. (see image below)
– You may use any Grenade except for RGD and VX_Grenade.
– POV (Point of View) is OFF
– You may use your Set if you have any (Chicken Set, etc)

– Weapon Kits 1 & 2 in weapons are allowed
– All Items like Fast Switch, Crosshairs, etc. are allowed

Side Pick Rules:
– The winner of the toss coin will get to choose between Red or Blue.



Enjoy! 🙂