With the arrival of the month of March, we have officially entered the dry months of the year. Summer is here. We all know that when temperatures go up, so does the action in Special Force Online.

Troopers, get ready for an explosive month of bullets flying and trigger fingers itching. Prepare for a new operative joining the game, a horde of zombies charging in, and a new location of carnage. This month, we are igniting a FIRESTORM!


A New Operative

Gutten tag, Soldat! A new operative will be available when you log in for the first time in Special Force Online right after you install the update. He comes from the Great Fatherland, Germany.


Hailed for only three instances of firing shots out of 1500 recorded operations since their inception in 1972, they are one of the finest Special Operations units the world has ever seen. This March, we welcome the Grenzshutzgruppe 9 or more widely known as the GSG9.


Death walkers on a Mission

Be careful when you’re gaming at night. There is a whole group of the undead hellbent on destroying you. Luckily, you have yourself an M1 Abrams to fend them off. Defend yourself and your tank against the horde to survive the night. It’s the Tank Mode! More details here:




A New Battlefield

Until further updates, the Tank Mode is only available to play at the Horror Bridge Map.

Here are the rest of the new additions to Special Force Online:


New Weapons


– Mechanic PSG-1

– Mechanic FN Fal

– Mechanic AWP

– Mechanic Dual MP9

– Mechanic M4A1 [Obtainable via Capsules]

– Mechanic AK74 [Obtainable via Supply Crates]

-Devil Uzi



-Bermuda PSG-1A1


-Crystal M82 Barrett


New Gears:

– Mechanic Set [Available for ROKMC, Spetsnaz, SIAM, SAS, KSF, EAD, SSD, PSU, SRG, and GSG9 Characters].


@Café System

– There will be missions and you will acquire rewards. More details here[link].


All that and more from the Firestorm Content Update from Special Force Online! Log in now. See you in game!

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