February isn’t just the month of romance and love; it is also the month of the Dancheng celebration. To coincide with this event, the PlayPark Special Force Team is paying tribute to the home country of the DragonFly, the developer of our favorite game. This month, we are celebrating Joseon. We are celebrating Korean Culture. Troopers… welcome to the Annyeong Content Update!


Here are the highlight additions to the game this February:


  • New SP Weapon:

– Special FR-F2


  •  New Cash Weapons:

– Dancheng PSG-1A1

– Dancheng Dual MP9


  • New Capsule Weapons:

– Dancheng M4A1 MOD0


  • New Supply Crate Weapon:

– Dancheng AK74 Silence


  • New Weapons:

– Snow WA2000

– Phoenix M4A1 Sight

– Gold Cow AK74

– Evil AK200

– Mars M134

– Eagle SIG551



  • New Character Costume Sets

– Gugunbok [Male]

– Gugunbok Cap

– Moustache

– Gugunbok Jacket

– Gugunbok Pants


Note: This costume set is only available for Male in-game characters [i.e PSU, KSF, SAS, ROKMC, and Spetsnaz.

– Hanbok [Female]

– Gache

– Rouge

– Hanbok Top

– Hanbok Pants

Note: This costume set is only available for Female in-game characters [I.e SRG, SIAM, EID, and SSD]

– New Features and Items

 Attendance Check [Korea Version]: This is a new in-game attendance checker with corresponding rewards per day.

Attendance Check Coupon: In case you missed a day in the attendance check, you have the option to avail this coupon to make up for the days of your absence.

Change Codename: You can now avail this item to change your codename at a lower price of 35,000 CASH.

You Lose Spray

Dancheng Emblem: Get 3,000 kills using any Dancheng Weapon to activate.

Dancheng Title: Own 3 weapons from the Dancheng Series to receive this item.

Enjoy and have fun!