Attention Troopers,

Feel the #SFLove this Month of February!
Check out these new daily events of Special Force:


Battle the Gods

-The top 3 troopers will walk away with Sheep M4A1 (3 days)

Schedule: Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday


-Nerve Gas Map battle

-Winning team will receive Sheep AK74 (3 days)

Schedule: Every Wednesday


Assissins Arena

-Sniper Mode

-Winning team will receive Sheep PSG-1 (3 days)

Schedule: Every Thursday


Friday Fright Night

-Horror Mode

-Top 3 will receive Sheep Hammer (3 days)

Schedule: Every Friday



Players can only participate once in SF daily events

Time: 6pm to 12am

Insertion will take place in 7-14 days.

***Click this to see the list of GMs/CM/MODs:

***The GoDs will create the rooms and will post on the SF Forums – Community Events and Mess Hall