How to create Playpark Account (PlayID)

How to create my PLAY ID?

Note: If you want to create an email account, scroll down to the bottom of this article.

Step 1: Visit and click “Sign up”


Step 2: Choose between using your Mobile Number or Email Address.


Step 2.1: [MOBILE NUMBER] If you decided to use your Mobile Number, read the following:

Step 2.1a: Click the flag then select the Philippines.

Step 2.1b: Input your MOBILE NUMBER and PASSWORD then click NEXT.

Step 2.2: [Email Address] If you decided to use your Email Address, read the following:

Step 2.2a: Input your details then click the box besides “I’m not a robot.”

Step 2.2b: Follow the instructions provided by reCAPTCHA. Something similar will appear.


* If you find it difficult, you can always refresh the set of pictures until you get it right.

Step 3: You will now see this, but before you log in to your PlayID, follow step 4 first.


Step 4: Log in your email account (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.), open the mail that was sent to you by, then click “Verify Email Now”


Step 5: Once your account has been verified, you will see this.



How to create a Gmail account?

Note: If you do have a gmail account, ignore this part.

  1. Click this link for account creation
  2. Fill up everything. If your desired username is already taken, please choose another one.
  3. Putting your mobile phone and current email address are optional.
  4. When you are done putting all your details, it should look like this:
  5. Then Click “Next Step”
  6. After clicking “Next Step,” scroll down then click “Agree”
  7. Click Continue
  8. To go to your mail, click the small squares first in the upper right corner of your screen, then click Gmail.
  9. Afterwards, read the guidelines then click “Next” and so on.
  10. Now, you are ready to go.