Good day, Troopers!

We are aware of the issues over the weekend of missing items after the maintenance. Thank you for sending in your reports about inventory discrepancies. We know how hard you worked to collect your gears and weapons. Rest assured that our team is already working closely with the respective teams and our developers to investigate and to resolve this issue.

To help us check this matter, can we enlist your help. Just follow these steps:
1. Open your Special Force game account in a different PC (one that you do not normally use to play SF). Check if items are still lacking from your account.
2. If YES, download and re-install your Special Force game client on your PC. You can download the client here: LINK
3. After successfully re-installing Special Force and you find that your items are still incomplete, let us know through iBox. Send us a report here: LINK
We recommend using a Gmail account when filing your iBox ticket.

We understand that the process might be tiring, and despite that we thank you very much for cooperating. Updates will be posted on this issue as they come.