Want some action? Get it now! Playpark’s online cyber café program, @Cafe currently offers an exciting special for its members – the Tournament Kit or Tournakit.

On top of exclusive game benefits and merchandise, by availing of the Tournakit @cafe members can run tournaments for Playpark’s games at their cyber cafes and award thrilling rewards. At present, Tournakits are available for Playpark Special Force Online tournaments. Only accredited Playpark @cafe members can get a Tournakit. So if you’re not a member yet, there’s no time to waste. Apply today! CLICK HERE

The @cafe Tournakits are special offers to Playpark’s partners. As such, if you want one, there are some requirements that need to be met.


1.I-Café must be a registered @Cafe member (http://acafe.asiasoft.net/ph/)

2.Load Card Purchase (a minimum of P3,000 worth)

3.Submit I-café Details via Online Tournakit Registration Form (HERE)

-Registration must be sent at least three (3) days before the actual tournament to give time for the shipping of physical prizes.
-For shipping to cyber cafes in areas not covered by Playpark’s agents, the shipping cost of physical prizes and load cards must be shouldered by the cyber café.


SPECIAL FORCE ONLINE –  http://bit.ly/SF1Mechs

-Tournament format is 5V5

-Minimum required number of participating teams is eight (8)


(A.)I-CAFÉ will get:

1.Two (2) TSHIRTS


3.Five (5) BALLERS


5.One (1) Door Sign (A3)

(B.)PLAYERS will get:


Playpark Special Force Online
Champion Five (5) Tshirts
Five (5) Ballers
Immortal W M4A1( Permanent)
Immortal W PSG1 (Permanent)
Immortal W AK47 (Permanent)
2nd Place Five (5) Lanyards
Five (5) Ballers
Immortal W M4A1 (30 Days)
Immortal W PSG1 (30 days)
Immortal W AK74 (30 days)
Door prize

All participants

Immortal W M4A1 (7 days)
SP Bomb (5 pcs)

-Playpark Special Force Online winners will send details to the event marshall. Ingame prizes will be inserted to the accounts within seven (7) days.


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