Make your daily gaming experience better with the rewards from the latest feature in Special Force Online. Introducing the Attendance Check System!


This new feature in-game will give you the chance to try out new, awesome items and weapons just by logging in to the game. In addition to the daily prizes, a PERMANENT weapon can be won just by logging in for a specified number of days per month. [See image below]





  1. What is an Attendance Coupon?

    An “Attendance Coupon” is an item that you can use to make up for the days that you weren’t able to log in to the game. By using this coupon, you may claim items that you missed from the previous days. This item can purchased from Item Shop for 9900 SP each.


  1. How many can we use?

    You can purchase a Maximum of five (5) Attendance Coupons per month. The number of coupons that you can use per day is a maximum of two (2).


Note: The Attendance Check feature is on a BETA Test phase for the month of February 2019. During this time, you may experience bugs or items not being received. The PlayPark Special Force Online Team are working closely with the developers in monitoring and finding fixes for these bugs. If you experience any during the Beta Test issue, please send us an iBox report.