Say Hi to our new hot ally, discover and enjoy new features of the Special Force Yuria Patch!

New Item

Replay Tape – Replay Tape Item gives you control and allow you to view your either opponent or teammates point of view in saved match video. Replay Tape can be bought from the Item Shop with SP.

New Package

SFC SV-98 Package

Yuria 30D
Grilled Chicken Leg 7D

New Avatar

Yuria Character

New Mode

CTC Mode – One player from each team is selected as the Captain who will be granted extra HP, along with an over-sized head. The team to defeat the opponent’s Captain wins the round.


SFC_SV98 – Can be won from Supply Crate (lotto)

SFC_G36C_MOD0 – Can be bought at the Weapon Shop with SP

Happy Gaming!