aGATE Frequently Asked Questions

Fueled by our community’s unwavering support, Playpark Special Force Online is glad to announce that a new security system will be implemented to the game that will detect third party programs and block not only the player but also the PC or gaming unit from entering the game.

Click this LINK to see how you can download and install the full game client of Playpark Special Force Online.

If you experience any problem outside of these errors, feel free to reach our Support Team through iBox ( You can also read this guide in Filipino/Tagalog.


Here are Frequently Asked Questions about aGate:

A. “Cannot find ‘miss32.dll’. Please re-install this application.” Error:

Here are possible solutions to fix this error:

  1. Re-install your Playpark Special Force Client.

– You can download the full client installer directly from this link:

2. You can update the .Net Framework of your PC:

– Download and install the update .Net Framework here:

B. “Please download and install manual patch.” error:


To fix this, download and install the April 25, 2017 Manual Patch. See the Manual Patch Installation guide below:


  1. Download the Manual Patch here:



  1. Extract the “” file to your Special Force folder.




  1. A confirmation window will open, just click “Yes to All”.



  1. Try to run Special Force.


B. These Notices: (1) “Suspicious program detected! Process: *****” or (2) “Playpark SF has blocked your PC.”



This error means that @Gate detected a Third Party Program injected to your game client. You will NOT be able to play the game for one (1) hour. After one (1) hour, make sure that your client is clean from any third party program and that you do not open any to avoid having this kind of issue again. The notice will continue to come out every time you try to use these kinds of programs.



C. “aGate Time out. please Restart.”



This means that the aGate in your game client is having some delay in execution. You just need to re-open your game client after clicking “ok” in the error.


aGate Manual Patch Guidelines: