The long wait is finally over. The much awaited CLAN SYSTEM is now here!



Special Force Online will bringing you back the Clan System that you have loved before. You can now enjoy the non-stop ratratan and bakbakan with your Clan.


July Patch will give you not just the Clan System but a lot more to make your gaming experience much more exciting! New weapons, new gears, game items, map/mode and new feature.


Cash Weapons

– Athena AK74

– Akuma Dragunov

– Akuma M67

– Akuma Tantou


Capsule Items

– Akuma Double MK23

– Antique M4A1 MOD0


SP Items

– Antique Kriss

– Galil


Web Items

– Samurai Set (7 and 30)

– SC-Antique PSG-1

– Reset Kill Deat (6,000 CASH)


Event Items


New Gears

– Samurai Helmet

– Samurai Jacket

– Samurai Glove

– Samurai Pants

– Samurai Shoes


Super Random Box


New Map/Mode

Island Map is only exclusive in 1v1 mode.


New Feature

 – 20,000 SP to create a Clan

– Maximum of 80 members capacity

– Clan Recruitment In Game – recruit the best members in game

– Clan Server – you can have a clan vs clan battle here

– Clan Ranking – be the top 1 clan in the battlefield

– Clan Guide: LINK


Change logs

– Change Code Name Reprice (65,000 CASH)

* All players who buy Change Codename from June 13 to July 25 (8:00AM) will receive the following:

> VIP Room (30 days)

> Color Codename (30 days)


Watch out for more breathe-taking updates and game activities of Special Force Online Clan War!

Clan System Guide:

Full Client Installer: