Congratulations to the winners of the “1v1 Firstblood Tournament
Exhibition Match React-to-Win Facebook event last November 6-8, 2019!

CM Selene vs CM Astraea(Astrid) Winners

Johnpaul Sabater Villan
Jerome Alas
Jessie Salo


GM Jabie vs CM Azure Winners

Mark Lester
Jerome Mediavillo
John Reign Felix


GM Ghost vs GM Wargod Winners

Ruizdaelle Abayari Baldonado
Jorel Anthony
Angelo Martin
Arjel Nieva Par
Mark Lester
Yosh Cordova Furutate
Jasmin Everdeen Tan
Jose Manuel Lucero Comia
Jayson FLores Anhao
Christofher D. Victorino
Maynard Evangelista Trinidad
Paolo Losorata Barroso
Erz B. Romz
Franz Lagadon
Aaron Rom


You may claim your prize by sending a message to CM Astrid
Your weapon of choice may only be submitted until December 6, 2019

Insertion will be within December 1 to 15, 2019