Enjoy Knockout SALE to selected items in the Special Force. Visit the BLACK MARKET to know more of the discounts and items.

The following items will be sold

Weapon Kit I Package
– 5pcs Weapon Kit (5)
Weapon Kit II Package
– 5pcs Weapon Kit II (5)
SFWC 2017 M4A1 CER
SFWC 2017 AK74 CER
SFWC 2017 Katana (30 days)
VIP Package
– VIP Room (30 days)
– EXP x3 (30 days)
– 5pcs Super Boom
– 5pcs Big Boom
SFWC 2017 Beretta CER


Promo is from December 12, 2017 1PM to December 13, 2017 1PM only


You can visit this link for more information about the 12.12 sale of Playpark.


Note: Change Codename has been temporarily removed from the Black Market due to some technical issues. We will update again.