Resbak sa Resbak Season 2 Championship! 


4 teams will meet in a head-on collision against each either on AUGUST 24th, 2019 in the effort to clinch the title of Resbak Season 2 Grand Champion! On top of the prestige and prizes, they also get to face the defending team XD Gaming right on the next day, August 25th for a chance at even more prizes.



First off is Team Dirty Dirty from Visayas, flying over to prove that they can keep up with the Manila meta.



Next up is Topc.FiveKings, champs of the Luzon Leg, overcoming numerous roster changes to a strong showing in their latest qualifier.



FiveAces, representatives of Metro Manila, are hungry for the win as well, having been always the groomsmen and never, yet, the groom. 



Last but not least is NCGC.Ranger from Mindanao, shoring up the representatives of the South and eager to show their unique approaches, that can give the audience some exciting upsets.


So, who you got, trooper? Resbakan na!


Date: August 24, 2019

Venue: Glorietta 2 Palm Drive Activity Center, Makati

Time: 10:00 AM (Be on time! We will start the tournament even the teams are complete or not)


Tournament Format:

– Round Robin(Group)

– Best of 3 Maps

– Marshall needs to be sure to input exact won points.

– Top 2 will advance to the Finals on the same day.


Tournament Format for Grand Finals:


– Best of 3 maps


Resbak League Season 2 Grand Champion will battle against XD Gaming on August 25 at Glorietta 2 Palm Drive Activity Center.



Note: All teams make sure to at least win a round so they can gather more points.


Top 2 team will be determined by the following:

* Based on Match W-L-T
* Based on the TB if Match will tie
* Based on the Set Wins if TB will tie
* Based on the Ties if Set Wins will tie
* Based on the Points if everything will tie


General Rules and Regulations


– All matches will be played in TOURNAMENT CLIENT

– Team format is 5 versus 5

– A team can only field 1 sniper during a match. Having 5 Rifle in a match is prohibited.


GAME SETTINGS (if using Tournament Client)
Team Battle Mode : 16 slots
3rd Person View : OFF
Spectator : TEAM
Quickplay : OFF
Only top 5 slots are allowed to be occupied by the team players. Lower slots will be for spectators
7 Wins Autoswitch
The first team to get 7 wins will win the match
Only designated programs are allowed and will be installed by the Marshal
If a program required is not installed, You need to call the attention of the Marshal / Tech
Allowed programs: Teamspeak, Discord, Mouse Drivers and Headset Drivers
Youtube/Facebook during matches are not allowed
All teams should be at the venue on the designated time (1:00 PM)
If a team did not arrive and all matches have been shuffled, the matches according to “challonge” will start
Each team will be provided with 10minutes setup time.
All gaming gears and programs should be prepared during that time.
Break like Biobreak and Smoke break is included in the 10minutes
Marshal can start a match with incomplete teams if 10minutes have already passed and warnings have been issued.
Before all matches. Marshal will require all Team Captain to gather for Map and Side Pick
Maps will be drawn randomly via Draw lots / randomizer Sides picks will be picked by winning team via toss coin.
A player can only use TYPE A during the matches
For Secondary weapon : Players are not allowed to use SPAS-12 / Desperado / Double Winchester / RGD-5
For Transformer : Players are not allowed to use any transformer
For Spray : Players cannot use spray only if the computer unit have no latency issue
In the event of Delays and Errors due to PC and Game client, network issues. You need to call the attention of the marshal prior to the start of the matches.
In case PC / Network issue before a match has started or Pre-Gunfight. The room will be restarted
In case PC / Network issue before match have started or Post-Gunfight. Game will continue and issue will be fixed on the next round.
Only TEAM CAPTAIN can contest the situtation and will be reviewed by the Marshal.
Pre-gunfight is defined as all players are still in the starting and no damage to any HP from any members of any team. Post-gunfight is defined as any player gets killed or damaged already. The match will be continued. All decisions made by the Official are final
Maps : Nerve Gas, Venezia, Desert Camp, Satellite, Bunkerbuster, Shanghai, Train, Crossroad, KF-14
Characters : EID, SRG, GSG9, ROKMC, PSU, SSD and KSF