Special Force Online will be conducting a scheduled maintenance tomorrow for the November Patch Update.

Date: November 19, 2019
Downtime: 8:00AM

New Map:
-Road No. 1 (Escape Mode)








New Exclusive Weapons
*Firstblood Series (Tournament Exclusive)*
First Blood M4A1  |  First Blood AK74  |  First Blood PSG-1






New Cash Capsule:
Ultimate FN FAL  |   Ultimate M4A1  |  Ultimate AWP






New Supply Crate
Punisher M4A1 Cer Supply Crate  |  Punisher AK74 Cer Supply Crate  |   Punisher PSG-1 Cer Supply Crate







New Black Market Weapons
Art Witch M4A1  |  Art Witch AK74  |  Art Witch AWP
Ultimate Hatchet |  Punisher Beretta Cer  |  Snake FN FAL











New Armor Sets:
Vigilante Set  |  Gangster Set  |  Vice Squad Set


















New Weapons:
3rd Year Anniversary M4A1  |  3rd Year Anniversary AK74  |  3rd Year Anniversary PSG-1
PPXP M4A1  |  PPXP AK74  |  PPXP PSG-1
Snake PSG-1a1 (Attendance Event)











Goodbye Items:
– General Galil
– General Uzi
– Famine Uzi
– Safari K2
– General M4A1 cash Capsule
– Ghost M4A1 Supply Crate
– General AK74 Supply Crate
– Ranger Set 7D/30D
– Mechanic Set 7D/30D
– Pig King Set 7D/30D
– Brown Tiger 7D/30D
– Monkey Set 7D/30D

Updates will be posted once servers are up.
For maintenance updates, in-game events and promos, you can visit the Special Force Online Fanpage

Thank you for your patience. See you in the battlefield!