Premium Purchase Raffle October 1 to 31
Saturday, October 6th, 2018 | News

Don’t miss out on a chance to win one of the most beautiful weapons in the whole Special Force arsenal.  You can’t get a better deal than that!”


Premium Purchase Raffle October 1 to 31



*Players who purchase  at least 50,000 in-game cash, will have a chance to win Sakura PSG-1 Only 50 winners will get Permanent Sakura PSG-1


*Players who purchase at least 100,000 in-game CASH will surely get Sakura PSG-1 (Permanent) and have a chance to win a Razer Naga Hex V2 gaming mouse.


Live draw will be done by CM Selene during SF Playtime stream on November 2018


Promo Period: October 1-31, 2018


*Insertion for Sakura PSG-1 will take 3-7 working days after the announcement of winners.

*A playpark representative will contact you on how to claim your Razer Naga Hex V-2 gaming mouse.

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