1. Elimination Stage

  • Players Category: Regions have their own separate bracket (inter-region)
  • Clan Category: Under one bracket
  • Influencer Category: Under one bracket
  • Single Elimination
  • All rounds will be Best-of-Three of a 1v1 race to 10 wins per match
  • Match losers are automatically out of the tournament
  • The area champion will be representing his cafe on the regional Playoffs


2. Playoffs Stage

  • Round Robin
  • Inter-region: Each region has its own separate bracket
  • A total of Forty-eight (48) participants will be participating in the Playoffs, with each region having their own Round Robin bracket consisting of six (6) players each
  • Players inside their respective brackets will go against each other, five (5) matches per playerl
  • Bracket will be on a pointing system, point difference is automatically computed by Challonge based on scores attained in a match. Wins may be a tie, but we will base on Points
  • Bracket champion will represent his region in the Grand Finals on February 2020 at the Playpark All-Stars Kick-off at Manila, Philippines


3. Final Stage

  • Players Category: Double Eliminations Best-of-Three
  • Clan Category: Single Eliminations Best-of-Three
  • Influencer Category: Single Eliminations Best-of-Three
  • Upper Bracket winner will wait in the Final round
  • The final winner from the lower bracket will advance to the Final match