SFPC TNC Esports Cup Finals – General Rules and Mechanics
Tuesday, June 6th, 2017 | Events

Tournament Format:

– Round Robin

– Best of 3 per set

– Rank by Match Wins

– Top 2 will advance to the Finals

– Based on Challonge System



Challonge: http://challonge.com/SFPCTNCFinalsA



Challonge: http://challonge.com/SFPCTNCFinalsB


Marshall to make sure to input exact points won

Game Settings: 9 Wins System, Auto Switch

Mechanics TK Red, TK Blue, Scoring starts at Round 3.

Team to get 7 wins (8wins in-game score)

Top 2 Teams of the Round Robin Match will advance to the Finals






Top 2 teams who will advance to the FINALS match will be determined by the following:

Based on Match W-L-T (if tied)

Based on the TB (if tied)

Based on Set Wins (if tied)

Based on Ties (if tied)

Based on Pts

Note: All teams make sure to at least win a round so they can gather more points.


General Regulations

– Team Format: 5 vs 5 (Team Battle Match, 5 players per team)

– There must be 1 Sniper per team every match (5 Rifles is prohibited).

– 9 Wins AUTO SWITCH (1st  and 2nd round is Dead Round)

– 1st and 2nd round is Dead Round (TK) for both teams

– Score in game must be 1-1 (not counted)

– Scoring will start at Round 3 (0 – 0)

– The first team get 8 WINS will win the match

– Before starting the 9th round there will be an Autoswitch Mode

– The organizer may install third party program and/or join as an observer for tournament operations purposes, such as verifying match results or gathering match data.

– In the event that any unexpected incidents or delays, not mentioned in the rules herein may occur, the officials have sole discretion to determine the outcome. All decisions made by the Officials are final. The rules and regulations are subject to change by the organizer at any time without prior notice.


 Official Notice from the Chief Marshal [Please read]

– Official will assign PC area for competing team. Teams cannot complain of their place unless the PC is broken.

– Before the start of a match, players must be done with their computer accessory settings during the given minutes (10 minutes).

– In the event that any unexpected incidents or situation may take a place, the Official has the right to extend player’s setting minutes under his solely authority.

– The Chief Marshal has the right to give out a “warning” if a match gets delayed due to the corresponding team players’ fault.

– If computer accessories that players have brought into are unusable and there is no spare accessory available for its replacement, players will be advised to use other computer accessories that the organizer provides with.

– The Officials are entitled to warn when abusing bug-plays listed as below.

* High Jump through explosion

* Grenade Bugs (i.e. Objective Penetration)

– Only a voice chat program provided by the organizer is allowed to be used and any other voice programs are not allowed.

– No Dead cam once the player died. Players need to click First Person View only.

– In case of any problems during a match, ONLY THE TEAM LEADER can appeal to Officials.

– Time-out is not allowed. However, a team manager or coach is allowed to talk to their players for 1 ~ 2 minutes when the next map is being changed.

– All participants are required to play fairly, conforming to the rules of good sportsmanship.

– All decisions made by the Officials are final.

– The team forfeits a referring match if their total warning reaches 2 times.

– If a team gets 3 Warnings from the officials, they will be disqualified.


Substitution Rules:

1. Leg winners can nominate 1 player to be their 6th man.

2. 6th man cannot play for another team once nominated.

3. Teams can remove a player from their main lineup and replace the with their 6th man. PLEASE NOTE THAT CHANGES NEEDED CONFIRMATION FROM THE GM WARGOD/ GM JABIE / OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT TO TAKE EFFECT.

4. The removed player can still play for another team. BUT THE NEW TEAM CANNOT REMOVE HIM/HER FOR REPLACEMENT AGAIN.

5. A player can be replaced or can replace by another player only once during the Legs.

6. When a team is now on the SLOT Qualifiers (Final 8), they cannot anymore change lineup.



A team can forfeit their Leg Slot, but they will return the Cash Prize + Shirts provided to them as Champion.


Game Rules

 Team Setting

– Each team must have 5 players which are formed of 1 sniper and 4 assault rifles only. Any other team format (i.e. 2 snipers and 3 assault rifles) is not allowed and will result in team disqualification.

– Player’s weapons must be equipped and saved on type A only. Players can change their weapons after the end of a match of each map. Weapon change is not allowed during Half time of a map.

– A single PC unit will be provided to each player before a match starts.

– Players can only occupy the first 5 top slots in the room.

– Spectating GM’s will take the last 2-3 slots per team, since there is no spectator mode in this client.

– Players must make any final adjustments (all necessary settings in the game and computer accessories) as well as complete team match practice during the provided 10 minutes setup.

– If a match gets delayed due to matters of computer hardware/software (i.e. computer hardware, system error, computer accessory that a player has brought into, and/or more), a team which causes such a delay will receive one (1) warning point and all decisions will be hereinafter subject to the rules of “Pre and Post-gunfight” under the official’s sole discretion. If two (2) warning points are given during a match, team(s) will forfeit the corresponding match.


Game Settings

– You may only use PISTOLfor secondary weapons. Shotguns like desperado, double Winchester, SPAS-12, etc. is not allowed. (see image below)

– You may use any Grenade except for RGD and VX_Grenade.

– POV (Point of View) is OFF

– You may use your Set if you have any (Chicken Set, etc)

– Weapon Kits 1 & 2 in weapons are allowed

– All Items like Fast Switch, Crosshairs, etc. are allowed

– Round Robin – Best of 3 Match per set

– Final 2 Teams will advance to the Finals


Map and Side Pick Rules:

– Tournament Officials will draw a map into the box / randomizer

– Toss Coin is needed for each match / map

– The winner will get to choose between Red or Blue


Abnormal Situation & Other Regulation

Bug Relations

In case of Known Grenade Bugs (i.e. Objective Penetration), only the team leader can appeal to the official/s. The team leader must provide accurate information about when and how grenade bugs are occurred, and the officials will cease a match and begin to investigate replays based on the information provided by the team leader.

* When players jump using the explosion effect

* In case that provided information is true, a team which used grenade bugs will forfeit the corresponding round.

* In case that provided information is false, a team which provided faulty information will forfeit the corresponding round.

* If a team has forfeited two rounds due to grenade bug abuses, their all rounds related to a corresponding map are forfeited.


PC & Client Issue/Network Disconnection

– In the event that any delays and errors occur due to matters of PC and game client, network disconnection, and if any; all decisions shall be made based on the regulation of pre and post-gunfights.

– In case of situations where PC, Client or Network disconnection issues may arise and it is in pre-gunfight, all players are required to create a new game room in order to continue to play a match.

– In case of situations where PC, Client or Network disconnection issues may arise and it is in post-gunfight, the corresponding round is continued (its result score is recorded) and the following round is played on a new game room.


Pre-gunfight / Post-gunfight

– Pre-gunfight situation is defined as all players (5 vs. 5) are still alive in a round regardless of how much HP they get damaged. It means a round must be restarted.

– Post-gunfight situation is defined that at least one (1) player is killed and out of a round. It means the corresponding round is continued to end and its result score is recorded. After the round ends, the following round is played on a new game room.

– All decisions made by the officials are final.


SF Official Contents

MAP Team Battle: Nerve Gas, Venezia, Desert Camp, Satellite, Bunkerbuster, Shanghai, Train
WEAPON Restriction Assault rifle & Sub-machinegun N/A
Machinegun N/A
Secondary Weapon BenelliM1, RemingtonM870, SPAS-12,Double Winchester, Desperado
Sniper N/A
Throwing weapon RGD, Green Smoke
Functional Item Pick Up Weapon (Gain Weapon), Spray


Weapons that are NOT allowed in the Tournament

Game Settings

Private Room: Private

Password: Marshal will provide

Auto Team Balance: ON (Auto Switch Mode)

Max Users: 16

Quick Play: Unchecked

Spectator: TEAM

3rd Person View: OFF

Game Scoring Sample

 Close Match

In Game Settings: 9 WINS
In Game Scoring to WIN: 8 WINS
Actual Scoring to WIN: 7 WINS
Score in Game Actual Score
Round 1st Dead Round 1 – 0 0 – 0
Round 2nd Dead Round 1 – 1 0 – 0
R 3rd 2 – 1 1 – 0
R 4th 3 – 1 2 – 0
R 5th 3 – 2 2 – 1
R 6th 4 – 2 3 – 1
R 7th 4 – 3 3 – 2
R 8th 4 – 4 3 – 3
Auto Switch
R 9th 5 – 4 4 – 3
R 10th 6 – 4 5 – 3
R 11th 6 – 5 5 – 4
R 12th 6 – 6 5 – 5
R 13th 7 – 6 6 – 5
R 14th 7 – 7 6 – 6
R 15th 7 – 8 6 – 7
R 16th Dead Round
R 17th Dead Round


Fast Match

In Game Settings: 9 WINS
In Game Scoring to WIN: 8 WINS
Actual Scoring to WIN: 7 WINS
Score in Game Actual Score
Round 1st Dead Round 1 – 0 0 – 0
Round 2nd Dead Round 1 – 1 0 – 0
R 3rd 2 – 1 1 – 0
R 4th 3 – 1 2 – 0
R 5th 4 – 1 3 – 0
R 6th 5 – 1 4 – 0
R 7th 6 – 1 5 – 0
R 8th 7 – 1 6 – 0
Auto Switch
R 9th 8 – 1 7 – 0
R 10th
R 11th
R 12th
R 13th
R 14th
R 15th
R 16th Dead Round
R 17th Dead Round



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