Tournament Schedule

Qualifier 1 3-Jan
Qualifier 2 and Finals 4-Jan


Registration cut-off is only until January 2, 2019, 10:00 PM [GMT+8]

Registration form:

It will be drawn randomly and it will be posted on Special Force Official Page by January 2, 2019, at 10:30 PM [GMT+8].

We will choose 10 Players each qualifier, a total of 20 Players.



Champion 1
2,000 PlayPark Load
Runner Up 1
500 PlayPark Load

Champion 2
2,000 PlayPark Load
Runner Up 2
500 PlayPark Load

Grand Finals:

Grand Champion:
10,000 PHP Cash

Tournament Settings

  • Client: Live Server / Online
  • Map: Desert / Shanghai /
  • Map Selection: Tosscoin Winner
  • Round: 10 wins
  • Private Room: Private
  • Auto Team Balance: OFF
  • Password: Marshall will provide
  • Max Users: 4 (2 players, 2 will spectate)
  • Quick Play: Unchecked
  • Spectator: ALL
  • Observer: ON (Blue Side/Red Side)
  • 3rd Person View: OFF

Note: If the player will not be there on time, Her/his slot will be given to the other player.



1. Elimination Stage

  • Double Eliminations (Losers Bracket)
  • 10 wins


2. Grand Finals Stage

  • Best Of 3 maps
  • 10 wins
  • All Mid ONLY
  • Maps will be: Desert/ Shanghai


Sample Challonge

General Regulations

The organizer may install a third party program and/or join as an observer for tournament operations purposes, such as verifying match results or gathering match data.

In the event that any unexpected incidents or delays, not mentioned in the rules herein may occur, the officials have sole discretion to determine the outcome. All decisions made by the Officials are final. The rules and regulations are subject to change by the organizer at any time without prior notice.

Abnormal Situation & Other Regulation

Bug Relations

In the case of Known Grenade Bugs (i.e. Objective Penetration), The player must provide accurate information about when and how grenade bugs have occurred, and the officials will cease a match and begin to investigate replays based on the information provided by the player.

Bug Issues

Character is stuck between objects and cannot move






Throws a grenade and breaks through the wall, giving damage to the player on the opposite side








Using grenade upon self to give extra jump boost (explosion effect)






  • In case the provided information is true, a team that intentionally uses such bugs will be granted a penalty.
    • First Offense: +1 Point to the enemy player
    • Second Offense: Final Warning and +1 Point to the enemy player
    • Third Offense: Disqualification
  • In case the provided information is false, a team that provided faulty information will forfeit the corresponding round.
  • The player must report the incident to the Marshal while the match is ongoing, and must provide a saved replay of the game being reported as proof.
  • If a player/team has forfeited two games due to grenade bug abuses, they are considered disqualified from the tournament.


Weapon Restrictions